The following personal data are subject of treatment:
1. common data, including Identification Data (name, surname, profession)
2. personal data necessary to perform Newsletter service (e-mail address)

Data Treatment: personal data will be kept in digital archives and will be used and treated fully in accordance to principles of lawfulness, pertinence, transparency and correctness, within the purview of the performance of the Newsletter Service.

Lawfulness, Pertinence, Transparecy and Correctness: data will be used to organize and send emails pertaining to the Company’s Newsletter and for no other reason. In case the Company would use the data for different reasons, they will previously and overtly ask for permission to the data owner.

Ends: By consenting to this privacy Policy, permission is given to the Company to use collected data to perform the Newsletter service.

Consequences: By not giving or revoking consent to this Policy, the Company shall not be able to include the data owner in the Newsletter service.

Rights of the user: According to paragraph III of (UE) 2016/679 (GDPR) the data owner has the following rights:

(i) right to transparency of the way the data are treated;
(ii) right to receive specific information regarding their data;
(iii) right to access, modify or delete their own data;
(iv) right to limit the use of their data;
(v) right to receive notifications regarding the previous points, including ddata portability and opposition to treatment;
(vi) right to be promplty informed regarding Data Breaches and to contact Authorities that manage data protection;
(vii) right to revoke consent to data treatment and conservation

How to exercise own rights: the data Owner can exercise all of the abovementioned rights, especially the right to modify or cancel their data in possession of the Company, by sending an e-mail request to The e-mail shall have the text “GDPE RIGHTS EXERTION” included in the mail Object.

The Reference Data Protection Official is the Company’s Representative and will be the person to receive emails at the above-mentioned e-mail.

The Data owner will receive feedback regarding their request within 30 days from the request, or will receive notification, followed by feedback within 90 days, in case the requested operation is complex or requires justified additional steps.

Entities that will receive personal data: data will be transmitted to those entities that are essential to perform the newsletter service: IT personnel and Service providers.

Data conservation: data will be kept as long as the data owner is enrolled into the Newsletter service.